Papers relating to the Pacific

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1. Bibliographies & Indexes


o Bibliography of Fiji

o Bibliography of Tonga

o INDEX to Canberra Anthropology 1993-6 v.16-19


2. General and Historical Pieces


o Analysis of Mana: an empirical approach (1940, Firth)

o From birth to death in the Gilberts (1921, Grimble)  

o Origins of the South Pacific Forum [Video]

o "The South Sea Islands" Harper's Magazine 1874


3. By Rod Ewins


o All things bright and beautiful, or all things wise and wonderful? Objects from Island Oceania in the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery

o Barkcloth and the development of paper 

o Dard Hunter and the Bark-Paper of the Pacific
Insights into technical, technological, and cultural affinities

o Traditional craft in developing countries: Living fossil or living art?


o Beyond the Rush: Regulation, participation, and Chinese communities in Australia 1860-1940 Couchman, Fitzgerald & Macgregor (eds.)

o Collective creativity: Art and society in the South Pacific [about Cook Islands] Giuffre

o Four degrees of global warming: Australia in a Hot World Christoff (ed.)

o Future directions in the art of Oceania Huntsman

o Kie Hingoa 'Named Mats', 'Ie Töga 'Fine Mats' and other treasured textiles of Samoa and Tonga Schoeffel, Herda and Kaeppler

o The Maori and the Crown: An indigenous people's struggle for self-determinationAlvez

o OCEANIA: Art of the Pacific Islands in The Metropolitan Museum of Art Kjellgren

o Pacific Images: Views from Captain Cook’s Third Voyage Nordyke & Mattison

o Pacific pattern Küchler & Were

o The pearl frontier. Indonesianlabor and indigenous encounters in Australia’s northern trading network Martinez & Vickers

o The Poetic Power of Place: comparative perspectives on Austronesian ideas of locality* Fox (ed.)

[*This book is now available online for free download at]

o Samoan Art & Artists: O Measina a Samoa Mallon

o The Traditional Pottery of Papua New Guinea May & Tuckson



o Full bibliography of books and articles by Rod Ewins

o Book Reviews relating to Fiji

o Essays/articles relating to Fiji

o Essays/articles on art and education