Fiji Bibliographies & Indexes

Fiji Bibliography (Nearly 5,000 entries; last update July 2016)

Fiji Tourism Bibliography (120+ entries, dating to early 2000s - no longer being updated)

The Fijian Society Proceedings 1908-1926: Author Index

DOMODOMO Fiji Museum Quarterly. Contents list v.1-15, 1983-2002

Journal of the Polynesian Society Index 2000-2007

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Bibliography of Fijian Society by Adrian Tanner

Bibliography of the 1987 Fiji Coup literature by Alistair (Rory) Ewins

Bibliography, criminal law of Fiji by François Lareau, 2001 (last amended Oct 07)

Fiji Arthropod Survey bibliography online (lists all books, articles, and pamphlets that mention Fijian arthropods)

Food and other Crops in Fiji: an Annotated Bibliography

by T.K. Lim & E.M. Fleming

Hamilton Library (UHM) Selected Refs. on Fiji by Karen Peacock 2001

Refs. on Disasters in Fiji (with some references on climate change and associated wider Pacific issues)

by Kirstie Méheux 2007


Background: Based on map of Fiji from Thomas Williams, Fiji and the Fijians, 1858. To see high-resolution version, click HERE