Rod Ewins Etchings 1980 - 1990


Note: All of the 1980s etchings in this section are photo-etchings on zinc plates. For 21st Century viewers, it should be understood that they were made before personal computers were commonplace, and long before high-resolution scanners or programs such as Photoshop were developed. They were made using silver-halide film and coated plate technologies developed for the pre-computer printing industry. The photographic grain was enhanced to control half-tones, no screens were used. The image components were cut together manually, exposed onto the sensitized plates, and these were bitten progressively in weak solutions of nitric acid, in the traditional manner, to control tonal gradation. This yielded a visual texture in the original prints that I believe is still impossible to duplicate with computer technology.




1983 (Series: The Residence)



1990 (Series: Big island Hawai'i)

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