Northeast Tasmania, Rod Ewins.

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17.Pub, Georgetown 18.Old Watch House, G'town 20.Leading light,Georgetown 21.Pilot Station,G'town 22.Row of Pilot Stn houses
17.Pub, Georgetown.jpg 18.Old Watch House, G'town.jpg 20.Leading light,Georgetown.jpg 21.Pilot Station,G'town.jpg 22.Row of Pilot Stn houses.jpg
23.Pilot Launch,Georgetown 24.Pilot Stn.Church 25.Avenue Turner's Marsh 26.Scottsdale farewell 27.Mt Horror from Sidelings
23.Pilot Launch,Georgetown.jpg 24.Pilot Stn.Church.jpg 25.Avenue Turner's Marsh.jpg 26.Scottsdale farewell.jpg 27.Mt Horror from Sidelings.jpg
28.Lichen, Sidelings        
28.Lichen, Sidelings.jpg