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Background lithograph; "Vah-ta-ah", Frontispiece, Waterhouse book of that name


A. Papers & Articles

by Various authors


B. Books & Book Sections

o Freeman Betty—Fiji: Memory hold the door [1996]

o Garrett, John. — The Wesleyans enter Fiji

oGordon, Arthur J. L. —Notes on an expedition through the interior of Viti Levu [1875]

o Gordon Cumming, Constance—In the Fiji Isles [c.1890]

o Guthrie, Margaret—Misi Utu: Dr D.W. Hoodless and the development of medical education in the South Pacific [1979]

o Heasley, MurrayThe life and times of Cakobau: the Bauan State to 1855 [PhD Thesis, Otago University]

o Hutchinson, Walter—Living races of mankind: Fiji [1901]

by Rod Ewins

o Essays/articles on Fijian Art

o Recollections of flying in 1946

o Fiji Coup 2000: essays and weblinks

o Fijian History & politics(under construction)

o Book Reviews