Fortescue Bay

As seen by

Rod Ewins

Fortescue Bay is a popular hiking, camping and boating spot between Eaglehawk Neck and Port Arthur. It is managed by National Parks and Wildlife. Most of these photographs were taken in July 2004, not many weeks after bushfires had raged through the area. Hence the first three pictures taken on the road in to the Bay, showing charred trees. A couple more were taken in May 2010 and were added at the end.

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 1.Fire regrowth  2.Regrowth2  3.Charred trees  4.Fortescue Bay  5.Rivulet
1.Fire regrowth.jpg 2.Regrowth2.jpg 3.Charred trees.jpg 4.Fortescue Bay.jpg 5.Rivulet.jpg
 6.Turbulent entrance  7.Backwater  8.Water patterns  9.Sand depressions 10.Tracings
6.Turbulent entrance.jpg 7.Backwater.jpg 8.Water patterns.jpg 9.Sand depressions.jpg 10.Tracings.jpg
11.In and out 12.Windblown eucalypts 13.Old beach gums 14.Windswept bushes 15.Into the sunset
11.In and out.jpg 12.Windblown eucalypts.jpg 13.Old beach gums.jpg 14.Windswept bushes.jpg 15.Into the sunset.jpg