Pacific Websites


with Pacific Historical and Research Collections

[This is an incomplete list that is being added to progressively, and I will be grateful if web-managers or users would contact me with URLs for other resources so they may be added to the list]

 General websites

Anthropology/Archaeology Virtual Library

Libraries (Public Libraries, University Libraries, Libraries on the Web, Library Websites, Online Libraries, libraries official homepages, Libraries Online, etc.)  

Library Search (Searchable database of over 5000 library sites worldwide. Listings include mailing addresses and links to online catalogs)

National Libraries of the World

Pacific Digital Library

World Libraries (online international journal focused on libraries and development)

(A) In Australia

1. State Libraries & Public Libraries

Australian Public Libraries

Australian National Library Pacific Collection

Picture Australia (Images held in public collections Australia-wide)

St Marks Library Canberra (A.Tippett Fiji Collection)

State Library of New South Wales (includes Mitchell Library, huge Pacific collection)

State Library of Queensland

State Library of Tasmania (Tasmaniana Collection has many valuable Pacific books) and search catalogue on

State Library of Victoria (large archive of Pacific material)

W.L.Crowther Library Hobart (Historical and research collection including valuable Pacific material) and search catalogue on

Australian National Library Pacific Collection

Australian National University, Canberra

Monash University Melbourne Social Sciences Branch Library Anthropology database

University of Melbourne Baillieu Library includes social sciences and special collections

University of Sydney Libraries

includes Rare Books & Special Collections, with theses etc.

(B) In Europe/Britain

(C) In North America

(D) In Oceania

Fiji Archives

Fiji Museum Archive & Library

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