Pacific Websites


Aboriginal Australia - History (simple account for lay readers, not an academic site)

Administrators and Rulers

American Library Association Scholarships

Antarctic Treaties

Asia-Pacific Network

Asia-Pacific Universe

Australian Dictionary of Biography

Australian National Library Readers' Guide to Pacific Collections

Australian National Library guide to Digitised Pacific Resources: Global Collections

Australian Pictorial Archive (Pictures from many Pacific countries)

Bank of Hawaii: Economic Research Center

Center for Pacific Islands Studies (UHM)

Centre for Pacific Studies, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Charting the Pacific (stories, voices, lives & facts about the Pacific)

CIA World Factbook


East-West Center Page

FAO Nutritional Profiles by Country (Fiji, Vanuatu, PNG so far)

Freshtopia (fun website with news, recipes and videos, all with a strong Pacific flavour)

Galen Frysinger's Pacific travel photos

Gender Relations Centre (ANU)

Global Plant Protection Information System (FAO)

Go Asia Pacific (ABC/Radio Australia information site on Asia and the Pacific; not updated since Oct 2004)

Indigenous Cultures page, Museum of Victoria

International Centre for Island Studies

International Small Island Studies Association (ISISA)

Islands Society

Jane Resture's Oceania Homepage 

Land tenure and land conflict in the South Pacific

Last-First Networks — South Pacific    (called "tools for Change", this site deals with development and self-sustainability)

L'Océanie: Peuples des eaux, gens des îles

Lonely Planet Pacific Page

Lundsgaarde's Central Pacific Project

Microstate network (small islands)

National Library of Australia Readers Guide to Pacific Collections

Oceania - Water people, island folk (French language site, English intro, nice visuals but very slow-loading for 'phone-modem users)

Pacific Collection at Hamilton Library, UHM (very rich resource)

Pacific Disaster Center

Pacific Disasster Net site

Pacific Internet Resources (Australian National Library site)

Pacific Internet Resources (UHM Special Collections site)

Pacific Islanders' Cultural Organization (Northern California site)

Pacific Island Jobs (volunteering and jobs website)

Pacific Manuscripts Bureau

Pacific Navigation

Pacific Peoples' Partnership

Pacific Pictorial Archive (Pictures of many Pacific countries from Australian collections)

Pacific Prehistory

Pacific Regional Information System (PRISM)  (Statistical information about Pacific island countries)

Pacific Research Online>

Pacific Science Association Congress

Pacific Stories (website of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Film Australia)

Pacific Studies WWW Monitor

Pacific Studies WWW Virtual Library

Pasific Nius

Perfect Beat (The Pacific Journal for Research into Popular Music and Culture)

Phone directories of Pacific countries

Polynesian Cultural Center

Radio Pacific (ABC Australia site of nbreaking news, articles etc., upddated frequently)

RAMSI Newsletter

Resource Management/Environment Useful Links

Secretariat of the Pacific Community

South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission

South Pacific Commission (today SEE Secretariat of the Pacific Community)

South Pacific Information Network

South Pacific Organizer (David Stanley: brief country descriptions, some tourist highlights, and fast facts. Useful first introduction to the countries)

South Pacific Tourism Council

South Pacific Tourism Organisation

South Pacific Trade Comission Pacific

Telephone directories of Pacific countries

Theses guide

Tourism Organization

Travel site (cheap fares FROM US TO Australia, NZ and Pacific)

UNSW Pacific Website

USP School of Law site

Washington Post countries website

World Weather 15-day Weather Forecasts

Wikipacifica storytelling, learning and friendship network

Wise Coastal Practices for Sustainable Human Development (Pacific section includes fisheries, environmental management, traditions, ownership) (requires user id: csi and password wise)

World Bank Internetaccess to two major datasets:

ZoomInfo (search for people by name, businesses, and jobs) 


Climate change in the Pacific: