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Anthroglobe Bibliographies

Asia Pacific Economic & Social Commission Bibliography

Bibliography of literature regarding HMS Bounty, William Bligh and Pitcairn Island

Captain Cook: Bibiographies of articles in various magazines & journals

Captain Cook: Full list of selected [full text] articles from past issues of Cooks Log and Endeavour Lines

Chinese in the Pacific— Select Bibliography by Paul D'Arcy

Disasters in Fiji and the wider Pacific references assembled by Kirstie Méheux 2007

Easter Island (Rapanui)

Fiji bibliographies

Journal of the Polynesian Society Index 1892-1953

Journal of the Polynesian Society Index 2000-2007

Mana Whenua

Mariana Islands, Annotated Bibliography of German Language Sources on (Dirk Spennemann)

Melanesian Folklore, Annotated Bibliography

Melanesian Mission Press

Melanesian Pidgin English, Bibliography

Oceanic Art

Oceanic Art, Ethnography and Anthropology (ANU Centre for Cross-Cultural Research)

Pacific Films (UHM)

Pacific History Journal Bibliography Database

Pacific Islands Monthly Bibliography

Pacific Studies Bibliographies

Pacific Studies Site Links to other Bibliographies

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Agricultural Bibliography

Polynesian Migrations & Voyaging Traditions Bibliography

Polynesian Outlier Bibliography


SIL Bibliography Country Index

Solomon Islands Folklore, Annotated Bibliography

South Seas Photograph Collections (in Australian institutions) — Sample Catalogue

Tonga Bibliographies AND

Trobriand Massim Bibliography

Vanuatu Languages, Annotated Bibliography

West New Britain

West new Britain (Dr Robin Hide)

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