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AAAPS (Australian Association for the Advancement of Pacific Studies)

Aboriginal Australia — History (simple account for lay readers, not an academic site)

Aboriginal Australia — Weblinks AND SEARCH

Academic Info: Anthropology

Aid Workers Network

Ana'ite (digital Polynesian research library — in French)

Anthro-Net Pacific Anthropology and Archaeology links

Anthropology Now online and print journal

Anthropology on the web (definitions and links, primarily US-based)

Anthropology Resources (anthropology-related news, books and web resources)

Anthropology Resources on the Internet (world directory of archaeology and anthropology web sites)

Anthropology Resources on the Internet (guide to anthropology and archaeology resources available on the Internet, including anthropology departments and journals around the world)

Anthropology Review Database

Anthropology/Archaeology Virtual Library

Anthrosource (AAA info source)

Archaeology Channel

Archaeology in Oceania

Archaeology on the Net

Archaeology Resource Guide (a list of links to a useful reading list of archarology topics)

Archaeology of Oceania

Archive of Pacific and Regional Digital Sources PARADISEC (safeguarding research in Australia's region.)

Auckland University Library (copious Pacific Anthropology weblinks and short bibliogrraphes)

Ausanthrop [Australian anthropology site, particularly Aboriginal]

[search engine of websites]

Australian Dictionary of Biography

Australian National Library online newspaper resource

Austronesian On-line

Bibliography of Oceanic Art, Ethnography and Anthropology (ANU Centre for Cross-Cultural Research)

Blain Biographical Directory of Anglican Clergy in the South Pacific (biographical information on clergy and deaconesses of the Anglican Church in New Zealand, Polynesia, and Melanesia up to 1930).

Cannibalism discussion

Captain Cook Society

Challenge of the wind (Polynesian voyaging simulation online)

China's growing influence in the SW Pacific (US Congressional Research Service Report)

Danny Yee's Anthropology Resources (particularly useful for his excellent book reviews)

Educational Guide for Archaeologists

Ethnologies Compares Online journal, free access

Ethnologue (online Languages database)

Forensic Archaeology & Anthropology (page with many further links)

Gender Relations Centre (ANU)

Global Islands Network

Google in Maori [Maori is halfway down the list of languages at the bottom of the page. Select it and your instructions etc. will appear in Maori. So far this is the only Pacific language listed].

Human Development Report 2004 (with links to earlier reports)

IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development ("Enabling poor rural people to overcome poverty")

sland Studies (research material which supports the study of islands)

Island Vulnerability (publications on islands and isolated geographies, island risk, vulnerability, and disasters, and links to websites related to island development)

Last-First Network: Tools for Change ("over 11,000 resources on every aspect of community renewal, social change" etc. Includes South Pacific section)

Margaret Mead official photographer Ken Heyman (1) interview about Mead: (2) blog that focuses on Heyman's anthropology-inspired photography

Melanesia Interest Group

Melanesia Today (1927) (A Study Circle Book: A.I. Hopkins, compiler)

The Melanesian (online community of critics to discuss and debate issues affecting the people and cultures of Melanesia)

Museum Anthropology Review (open-access peer-reviewed journal of museum & material culture studies)

Office of Pacific Advancement (AUT University, Auckland)

Östereichisch-Südpazifische Gesellschaft (German language site)

Outrigger: Blog of the Pacific Institute

Pacific Dissertations & Theses from the University of Hawai'i 1923-2008

Pacific Institute blog "Outrigger"

Pacific Manuscripts Bureau (PAMBU)

Pacific Navigation

Pacific Prehistory

Pacific Research Online (database of Pacific research expertise mainly based within New Zealand universities)

Pacific Studies WWW Virtual Library (Australian National University)

Project Canterbury (digitizing Anglican History in the Pacific): (research aids)

Religion in the Pacific (NZ National Library Directory)

Rivers, WHR: Essays on the Depopulation of Melanesia (1922)(a collective web log on anthropology)

Savage Minds (collective anthropology web log and online discussion forum)

Scholar Space (Digital repository of the University of Hawai'i — journal indexes and much more)

Semiotic Review of Books

South Seas Photograph Collections (in Australian institutions) — Sample Catalogue

SIMA (Summer Institute in Museum Anthropology, Smithsonian Institution)

South Seas Photograph Collections (in Australian institutions) — Sample Catalogue

Sustainable Islands project at the University of Sydney

UNDP (United Nations Development Project)

University of Auckland Digital Collections Online websites.html

University of Hawaii at Manoa's Pacific-related photo collections: AND

The Vaka Taumako Project of the Pacific Traditions Society (studying voyaging canoe traditions of Taumako in the Santa Cruz group)

WEDA (Worldwide Email Directory of Anthropologists) (University of Buffalo site)

What is Anthropology?

WHO site on human rights and health of indigenous populations

Women's sexual and reproductive risk index for the Pacific (Family Planning International, Secretariat of the Pacific Community and Population Action International, November 2009)


American Anthropological Association

Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa/New Zealand (ASAANZ)

Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth

Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania (ASAO)

Australian Anthropological Society

Australian Association for the Advancement of Pacific Studies

Coral Reef Alliance [Non-profit organization dedicated to keeping coral reefs alive

European Society of Oceanists

International Small Islands Studies Association (ISISA)

Museum Ethnographers Group* (MEG)

Open Anthropology Co-Operative ("open to all with an interest in anthropology")

Pacific Arts Association

Pacific Dissertations & Theses from the University of Hawai'i 1923-2008 History Association

Pacific Islanders' Cultural Association

Pasifika Australia

Small Islands Cultural Research Initiative (SICRI)

Société des Océanistes (France, website in French, society based in Musée de l'Homme)

Society for Applied Anthropology

World Council of Anthropological Associations (Blog encouraging interchange of ideas between anthropologists from different countries working in divers cultures


Anthropology of Religion (Doug Padgett)

Applied Anthropology (Ann Reed)

Canoes: Fijian Voyaging Canoes (nice personal site by Wayne Sanday. Be warned: slow-loading animation on home-page)

Caste System and the Stages of Life in Hinduism (Kelley Ross)

Culture definitions:

Envisioning the Pacific Islands: Indigenous, Colonial and Contemporary Arts (Margaret Jolly)

Explorations in Social Inequality (Michael Kearl)

Field Museum Pacific website

Fieldwork: The Anthropologist in the Field (Laura Zimmer-Tamakoshi)

Fijian Art articles (Rod Ewins)

For students:

History of the Cherokee (Ken Martin)


Kinship and Social Organization (Brian Schwimmer- Interactive site + tutorials)

Melanesian Interest Group [blog of the American Anthropological Association]

Pacific Studies Website (ANU)

Peoples of the World

SHIMA: The International Journal of Research into Island Cultures (Online journal)

Society for the Anthropology of Work (Joshua Wells)

Theory in Anthropology (Richard Wilks)

Virtual Archaeologist: Like-A-Fishhook Village and Fort Berthold project (includes interactive 3D simulations of earthlodges)

Wallace's (Alfred Russel) "Malay Archipelago"

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