Fiji in the'Tens

This set of 8 small printed cards (88mm x 68mm - just a little bigger than a credit card) is undated so I cannot be certain they are all from the 1910s, but I have seen a couple of the images on postcards from about that date. It may be, of course, that the original images were used by later publishers to produce this set, a common practice in Fiji. However, they feature white writing on the cards which was typical of the early era but much less used later.

 a. "Coconut Plantation" #5617

 b. "Fijian Women Fishing" #5620

c. "Fijian Native" #5623

[Man carrying taro (dalo) tubers]

d. "Fijian Woman" #5624   



 e. "Fijian Man Dressed for Native Dance" #5625

   f. "Native Girls Dressed for Dance" #5626

[in fact since all are dressed alike they are more likely a group such as a church choir competing in an eistedfodd].

g. "Native Woman and Children" #5627

[Actually of course it is a man beating the lali slit-gong, NOT a woman]

h. "Pawpaws, or Mummy Apples" #5628