Fiji in the'Forties

The following come from a 1947 Fiji calendar. The publication indicates the return to normal life and commerce in the years immediately following World War 2, during which relatively few such things were published. For postcards covering this period see the relevant "cards" page.

I am indebted to Bill and Sandra Hopewell for the gift of the calendar in which these photos featured. There is no attribution on the calendar as to photographers or publishers. It is possible that they were produced by either Stinsons Studios or Caines, but I cannot be certain which. It would seem that it was the same studio that produced the series of small cards released in the 1950s, as the young woman featured for May here was one of two women in #26 of that set.

Featured photographs in "Fiji Calendar 1947" (click thumbnails to enlarge)

Cover. "Island 'Beauty'"


a. January "Cuva (sic.) village scene" [Actually, Cuvu, near Sigatoka, Vitilevu.]

  b. February "King's Road, Viti Levu"

c. March "Island scene, Savu-Savu"

d. April "Governor's Official Trumpeter" 


e. May "Fijian Belle"   

 f. June "Bau temple" (this is the famous temple Na Vata ni Tawake which is regularly rebuilt.

g. July "Carnegie Library, Suva"

h. August "Moonlight, Fiji"


i. September. "Coastal Island, Fiji'"

  j. October "Wharf, Lautoka"

k. November "Making Kava"

l. December "Government Offices, Suva"