Screenprints 1970s -1980s


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Chopper 1 1973 101x76cm Screen and etch emboss on foil


Link 1 1973 101x76cm Screen-etch emboss relief printed on foil


Link 2 1973 56x76cm Screenprint & found object emboss on foil

Untitled (Ti-tree forest) 1975 76 x 56cm Screenprint & etching emboss

  Untitled (Lichen) 1975 76 x 56cm Screenprint & etching emboss



  Untitled (Brain coral) 1977 53 x 37cm Screenprint & etching white emboss

 Four Part Invention

[Screenprint and intaglio emboss on silver foil.]



1. Andante cantabile


2. Scherzo delicato


3. Andante moderato


4. Adagio maestoso


Folio cover

Monuments 1983. 76cm x 76cm

The Performance 1984. 76cm x 56cm


Come Sheep 1983. 76cm x 56cm


And I dreamed of being a pilot 1985. 65cm x 56cm 


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