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This website is primarily, though not exclusively, devoted to the anthropological research of Rod Ewins

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 ROD EWINS Dr Roderick Ewins lives in Tasmania, Australia. For biographical information and details of Rod's art practice and writing, see his personal page below. Anthropological work in Fiji and the wider Pacific may be seen in the relevant parts of this site.

BACKGROUND: "Roma of Fiji" photo by Co-Operative, 1930s

LAST ENTRY : 14th April 2017



The little and remote village in the Vitilevu Highlands called Nagatagata, formerly quite traditional with several of their thatched houses with cone-shaped roofs, unique to the Highlands. That all ended with Cyclone Winston, which destroyed the majority of the buildings and damaged what were left. The people have been suffering, and for reasons that can only be speculated on, have received no government assistance even though coastal villages have received significant help. The only aid they have received is some tents from the Chinese government, some of which have been in turn destroyed by subsequent windstorms. The position of these poor folk is dire. If you feel able to contribute anything toward their rebuilding, from $1 up, it would be appreciated. Above all, if you could spread the word about this appeal to others who might be willing to help, and put it on your Facebook pages etc., that would be an enormous help. In Western terms, they are hoping to raise a tiny amount — US$13,500 — but to them, that would be the difference between having weatherproof homes, and living rough. The nights in the highlands can get mighty cold and wet, and as winter approaches, they hope to rebuild before it truly sets in.

Fiji Village Hurricane Rebuilding Project